Is your business on social media?

Social media is a great tool to use for businesses to connect with their target market. Social media has the power to influence consumer behavior. Learn tips to grow your social following and increase brand loyalty and awareness.

Business should be using social media to connect with their target consumer market. While much of the social media users are on social networks to connect with family and friends, it still remains important to set up your businesses presence on these outlets. With over 74% of all internet users active on social media, get your business noticed.

Social media allows open communication between your business and consumers. The level of engagement between consumers and a company’s social media activity is positively related to their perceptions of your businesses reputation. Social media has the ability to influence consumer behavior. Encourage engagement and grow a strong following of brand loyalists.Where do you begin to grow your businesses social following? Here are nine tips to grow your social following:

1.    Build your online business presence on a few social networks sites.
2.    Provide basics of your business on main your profile page (bio, photo, hours of operation, mission statement, etc.).
3.    Connect with other leaders and businesses in your industry.
4.    Use videos, pictures, blogs, and other types of content to encourage engagement.
5.    Respond to consumer needs and create conversations.
6.    Use a social media management app to connect your social networks together and save time.
7.    Use paid ads to promote your business to your target consumer market.
8.    Have employees engage in your social content.
9.    Analyze your reach to improve your overall social presence.

Once you have gained a group of followers and brand enthusiasts, work on engagement. Build consumer trust by correctly managing your presence on social media. Establish yourself as a leading figure in your industry. Once consumers know that “you mean business” sit back and watch your ROI go up. See more at:
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