Creating professional artist websites is what we do,

Teaching you how to get your artwork seen is what we love to do.


An artist website needs to fulfill the following artist needs:

Art Marketing

Not only have we created many custom design websites for the artist, we help them market their artwork. Our goal is to get people to your website if they don’t see your artwork there no way for them to buy it. The ARC Creative Group has help artist thrive in an ever-changing digital marketplace. Artist struggle to adapt and grow as the internet changes around them, but those that are able to successfully embrace change eventually evolve into the extraordinary companies of tomorrow.


Blogging can be incredibly valuable to a variety of people and for a variety of reasons. Blogging is not just for businesses! I’ve benefited personally, professionally, and financially from blogging. Writing has actually become one of my favorite hobbies. I recommend blogging to almost everyone I meet. Here are the some of the biggest reasons why I think YOU should start blogging immediately.



1. Attract an Audience

Blogging can help you promote yourself or your business. Blogging works as a method for attracting an audience because it provides something of value to them before asking for anything in return.

2. Establish Authority

Having a blog and writing about important topics that are relevant to your audience establishes yourself as an authority in the space. It enhances your professional image. Blogs are the new business cards.

3. Build Rapport and Engagement

Blogging can convert traffic into leads and leads into customers. Blogging can “warm up” your cold calls and traffic from other sources. If someone receives your cold call, they may be more receptive if they’ve read your blog and received value from it.

4. Create Opportunities

Blogging can lead to other business/traffic generating opportunities. Blogging enables anyone with something interesting or valuable to say to be identified as an expert.

5. Organize Your Thoughts and Learn

Blogging forces you to teach yourself what you don’t know and to articulate what you do know. When you begin writing a blog post, you are forced to organize your thoughts. If there are any gaps in the topic that you are writing about, you will have to learn about it. Writing out and articulating your thoughts is a great way to internalize something you’ve learned or experienced.

6. Tell Your Story

Blogging enables you to be your own media company. You can tell your story the way you want to tell it without being dependent on journalists. When you are writing about a topic of your own interest, you can decide how to portray a story, what information to include, and what information to exclude. Blogging allows you to ensure that all information included in the blog is factual.

Portfolios Gallery

A beautiful responsive art portfolio gallery works on a desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. Your visitors can filter items by groups that custom to your liking. You can use it to showcase your latest work and expand it to do much more. Each artwork of the portfolio is able to be in multiple categories and each piece of artwork has its own page.

Social Media Integration

Social media marketing comes in various forms, but all with one purpose: to bring awareness of your products and/or services to your target audience and lead them to choose your company over the competition. ARC Creative Group we learn about your market and make certain that your marketing material caters to their needs.  The key is to know your market and build the marketing plan to their preferences.

Your marketing plan needs to know their audience and segmentation strategy. It truly pays to have your message reach the right people at the right time. In the social media industry, your audience demographics can change in what seems like overnight. The challenge of reaching new audiences has never been harder, but grasping up-to-date data on social media demographics helps.

Website Analytics

There is a huge amount of data about visitors available to you with analytics. This data can help you determine which artwork is performing well.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

Responsive Website Design is an ingenious design technique that uses a single HTML code and a single URL for all platforms. Whether the consumer is browsing the web on a desktop PC or their preferred mobile device, the website will modify according to the screen size.

Free Training

How many times have you called a provider for help and had to spend 5 minutes navigating menus only to wait on hold for 20 minutes?  We talk with you, not at you. Our staff is a part of your team.

Capability to self management

WordPress holds the largest CMS market share by far and currently accounts for over a quarter of all websites. As a result, many users are already familiar with the WordPress CMS, requiring less staff training when building a new site. WordPress is popular because it meets the demands of many users with its flexible framework, which allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications. Coupled with user-generated extensions, websites are no longer limited by enterprise extensions. So, most of the user-interface components are easy to use, and there are written and recorded manuals available for easily learning how to use WordPress functions. Our team handles all the complexities of setting up and customizing your website; all you have to do is to update the content on pages, posts, widgets, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

“the key to getting more traffic lies in integrating content with search engine optimization and social media marketing”

Further Considerations

Successful websites of those websites that continue to attract the right type of visitors and lead them down a path towards becoming a customer. This requires consistent content publishing and monitoring of the website to make sure it is achieving its objectives.

Once the website has been launched we can assist you with your content strategy and make incremental improvements to the website to make sure that it continues to deliver a positive return on your investment.

We would be happy to speak with you about this in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

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