ARC Creative Group website development strives to achieve a perfect balance between beauty and functionality, with special attention to lead generation and increased business to our clients. With that in mind, we are committed to creating beautiful designs that are coded with the latest and most search-engine friendly standards and forms that will convert visitors into leads and help your business grow.

A user-friendly dynamic website is a key to any successful business or personal promotion, you will get a complete website with all features. You will be assigned a project manager to communicate with to get changes done on demo theme. After the project is completed you will be given an access to the admin panel through which you will be able to make changes independently, you can change, add or remove images, text or content without paying anything to a web designer.

Features provided in our website package are as followed:

As a founding skill set, we develop websites across many open source platforms and industries. All websites share the same goal; motivating users to engage in a profitable action. As marketers and developers our skillset allows for a unique bridge across these two generally very different aspects of business. You can expect a high quality and leading-edge website that will not only precede your online competition but convert both existing and potential traffic into active customers.

Cohesive branding is about perpetuating your vision and voice online to capture more mind share of your audience. Presenting a cohesive brand message both online and offline will guarantee growth and increase authority by attracting new visitors that convert.

Utilizing WordPress as your core Content Management System allows for editing of your site in real-time from an easy to use and intuitive interface. WordPress is the largest and most widely used CMS in the industry, built upon an Open Source Framework delivering free upgrades and security in perpetuity. Forget constant maintenance costs, your CMS will allow everything from menu changes to gallery image additions and everything in between.

Like any business, websites grow and change with time. Our sites are built with this in-mind, carefully commenting our code through agile development practices to ensure any developer can freely edit your code down the line.

Your website will be built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind, remember all things marketing play a large role in the development of new RJ Technologies websites. Main pages will be optimized from a nationally branded standpoint, whereas inner pages will be optimized for specific long-tail industry terms.

The website platform will be built using the latest in web technologies utilizing – Your website will automatically conform from standard desktop viewing to tablet, and even mobile phones. This is a very important aspect as your mobile website will be marketing friendly with calls to action for “Click to Call” and easy swiping and mobile friendly gestures.

Our solution leverages an advanced security framework – providing the ability to restrict access to features, functions, and administrative tasks based on user accounts (user ID and password), user roles.

Permissions is the mechanism for controlling access to Individual features, areas of your website, and content. Each role in the system has its own set of permissions, enabling or restricting access to features of your website.

Leveraging our CMS’s core content authoring components provides your staff with an easy to use browser-based WYSIWYG content editor. Staff familiar with Microsoft Word will quickly learn how to author and publish content on your new website without the need to learn HTML. The WYSIWYG editor includes standard formatting options (e.g., bold, underline, numbered lists, and tables) as well the ability to upload and insert images, resize and reposition images in real-time while editing the document, and a built-in spell checker.

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