Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. Printing or emailing customer feedback cards with simple instructions on how to review your business online. Whenever you get a compliment from a customer, give them a card and ask them to leave a review and explain to them that the positive reviews help your business,.

Satisfied customers are often happy to leave good reviews, and having lots of positive feedback outweighs the handful of negative reviews you’re likely to get. But be careful in how you ask for them. If you get a bad review, do not send a mass email to your customers asking for them to leave you a positive review. That mass activity will trip the review site’s spam algorithm and those reviews will likely be suppressed as a result.

Offering customers something for free before asking for a review has been can be effective strategy. That way you can benefit from the law of reciprocity. But again, you need to be careful. Do not make the mistake of attempting to bribe a customer by only giving the free extra if they leave a review, Not only is this unethical, it will also destroy your credibility.

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