When people “like” your business page, they’re also automatically opted-in to follow your posts. That means your content will show up their newsfeed, so it’s important to build the number of page likes your business has on Facebook.

Building followers starts with good content. “Before posting anything I always ask myself, ‘Would I want to read this? Is this content engaging our followers in active discussions?’ The more activity you can show on your page, the better.”

Coverage of your business on other sites can help increase your Facebook following as well.

Looking for even more strategies to grow your Facebook following?

  • Make sure to tag customers (with their permission), other businesses and vendors to get in front of new audiences
  • Engage with other businesses that offer complementary services
  • Create graphics that carry your logo when shared
  • If you are selling a product or service, always follow up with your customers with an email asking about their satisfaction, and use this email to guide people to your Facebook page and other social channels, people will like your page, and they’ll be more likely to leave you a review.

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