Don’t use free Wi-Fi if it means putting your company’s data at risk.

Before you jump on any old public network, let’s consider what you do most often online: peruse social media, monitor credit card statements, check bank balances and email employees or clients. Most of these activities put your online session at risk for a multitude of data security issues, including identity theft and a wicked viruses. Reduce your exposure with these simple steps:

  • Turn off automatic Wi-Fi connections. Connecting to any network is like walking into a stranger’s house. Review and select confirmed networks you can trust.
  • Check with the barista, librarian or wait staff to make sure you’re connecting to their specific network—hackers often set up fake networks that look similar to lure users.
  • Use a virtual private network (VPN) when handling business communications to shield yourself from unwanted onlookers.

Free Wi-Fi is not always gift from the tech-gods. Like your mom told you, if it’s too good to be true … (you know the rest).